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Highly qualified teachers of the department have extensive experience, the average age not exceeding 45 years.


Get European quality education - the key to a successful future.

Employment prospects

Global, European and domestic corporations in the field of engineering and production automation

Student life

Conferences, concerts, clubs for student recreation.


Applied Fluid Mechanics and Mechanotronics Department

The department admits students in the following specialties "131 Applied Mechanics" on two specializations:




The Applied Fluid Mechanics and Mechanotronics Department you can get:


- Free access to quality higher technical education;

- A unique opportunity to study the latest direction


- Get a diploma Otto von Guericke University

m. Magdeburg, Germany;

- Get a full second economic, legal and

linguistic higher education;

- Optional undergo military training title

reserve lieutenant in the Military Institute;

- Nonresident provided with a hostel for the whole period of study;

Reasons for joining MMI:



1. Free training on the MMI;

2. Complete all nonresident housing;

3. Scholarships to 5,000 UAH / month;

4. Ability to obtain a second higher education;

5. Ability to get the rank of officer

at military department;

6. Free visiting the sports complex;

7. Preferential rehabilitation and trips to the Sea and


8. Availability of preparatory courses for entry.

ZNO - mathematics, physics, Ukrainian language.

Educated at one of the leading departments of universities in Ukraine you can work in modern enterprises, research centers, con- struktorskyh Bureau of Ukraine and any country in the world, creating new designs robots, automated lines, planes, mobile machines and other automated equipment. The Department has a strong modern material base for training highly skilled professionals. Last time opened three modern laboratories:

- Laboratory compressor machines;

- Laboratory aeromechanics;

- Laboratory volumetric hydraulic machines;

Laboratory equipment of our faculty have advanced companies in the world such as "Festo", "Bosh-Rexroth", "Hydrosila" and others. developed based on real industrial equipment and allow your hands to create and test automated systems, program complex components interact to solve specific practical problems. In kafedrii applied hidroaeromehaninky mehano- and Tronic are experienced teachers who teach advanced courses. The Department is the leading known in Ukraine and abroad. The best students have the opportunity to train in Germany, Austria and Poland. Our students participate in scientific conferences and technical exhibitions took prizes in competitions of scientific works and competitions. The possibility of employment of highly paid workers vypusk- MMI in the leading Ukrainian and international companies like Antonov State Enterprise, JSC "Hydrosila Group", JSC "Nibulon" Boeing (US), Airbus (France), HAAS (USA), Heidenhain (Germany), Delcam (UK), Festo (Austria), Rexroth Bosch Group (Germany) with a salary of 15,000 UAH.

Information about meetings and events

The grand opening of the new laboratory "compressor machines" from our friends and colleagues from the group NICMAS

   Concern NICMAS - is not only manufacturing plants and design offices, not only large-scale development and artistic works - a diversified company known worldwide brand that integrates and coordinates the production processes of a number of companies, each of which actively introducing advanced technology and modern schemes of work.

We invite you to visit the open day

"Mechanical Engineering Institute (MMI)"

To be held on December 10 at 10:00 am in room 249 "to them. The Queen," Building 1

NTU "KPI them. I. Sikorsky. "

The school is designed for students 2 ... 5 courses of technical universities, whose professional activities must be connected with the creation and operation of mechanical-electronic automated systems for various purposes.

  The purpose of school is to form one week of good work this body of knowledge and skills which will give students the opportunity to take the first step to self-solve simple problems mechatronics automation tools.

The school is designed for students of final grade schools, high schools and schools that want to become better acquainted with the area of "Mehatroinka" and link their future professional activity with the creation, research, modernization and maintenance of mechanical-electronic automated systems for various purposes.

   The purpose of school is to acquaint students with the trends of modern automated equipment and the skills of problems solving simple automation tools Mechatronics.




Address: 03056, Ukraine, Kiev, prosp.Peremohy, 37, building 1, appartment 299

Phone: +38 097 920 4112  (044) 204-82-54, (044)204-84-64

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.