Optional Professional Components

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Synthesis of discrete control systems

Machine-building hydraulics

Industrial technologies and the basics of engineering logistics

Hydro- and pneumatic motors of mechatronic systems

Volumetric hydraulic and pneumatic machines and hydraulic transmissions

Construction mechanics and metal structures of lifting and transporting machines

Fundamentals of electronics

Gas dynamics

Fundamentals theory of three-dimensional modeling

Logical synthesis of control algorithms

Compressor machines

Basics of automatic control theory

Electro-hydraulic drives of mechatronic systems

Volumetric hydraulic drive

Hydraulic power drive of lifting and transport machines

Pneumatic actuators with electrical control

Pneumatic drive and pneumatic automation

Lifting machines

Robots and manipulators in mechanical engineering

Applied hydromechanics

Robotics of logistics systems

Proportional hydraulics

Mobile hydraulics

Transport machines

Electrohydraulic automation of mechatronic systems

Machine-building hydraulic automation

Production and sales logistics

Mathematical modeling and design of physically heterogeneous systems

Mathematical modeling and design of hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems

Transportation and warehouse logistics

Computer modeling of mechatronics and robotics systems

Hydraulic and pneumatic turbomachines and transmissions

Automated electric drive and basics of electric automation

Computer-aided design of mechatronics and robotics modules

Designing of hydraulic and pneumatic drives

Technology and logistics of automated production

Innovative devices of mechatronics

Computational hydromechanics of hydraulic components

Introduction to mechatronics

Electronic means of control and management of mechatronic systems

Testing and diagnostics of drive systems

Operation and maintenance of lifting and transport machines

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