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Our Department prepares students for higher education with a  bachelor's degree on the basis  of complete general secondary education  in the specialty 131  "Applied Mechanics".

Educational program: "Automated and robotic mechanical systems"

Training is carried out in the following areas:

- Hydropneumatic automation and hydraulic and pneumatic machines
- Mechatronic and robotic systems in mechanical engineering
- Automated logistics systems


 Since the rules of admission can be found at the following link:

Admission rules of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".


BACHELOR - educational degree of higher education of a person who on the basis of full secondary general education or on the basis of a diploma of a junior specialist has acquired basic higher education, fundamental and special skills and knowledge of the generalized object of work (activity), sufficient to perform tasks and responsibilities (works) of a certain level of professional activity, provided for primary positions in a certain type of economic activity.


prykladna mekhanika

Specialty 131 "APPLIED MECHANICS" is a specialty that teaches to design and build machines, but in fact it is an opportunity to get the best technical education and become a true master of engineering. Applied mechanics - a specialty of a broad profile, which will allow you within the KPI. Igor Sikorsky to learn to understand the components of large-scale industrial production, to understand the structure of any industrial system and even aircraft and spacecraft. You will know how the latest computer technologies are implemented in production, operate all the necessary programs freely and develop state-of-the-art approaches to industry optimization. We train high-level professionals for successful career growth in enterprises, international and Ukrainian companies; in analytical, advisory and research activities, where the acquired knowledge and skills are highly valued by employers.


Phone number of the Admission Committee: 

(097) 131 85 65


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