Creating mobile mechatronic systems

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What is relevant now? IT - information technologies, this is already a bit of the past, the full-scale integration of IT into everyday life is modern now. And these are all automatic systems around us that become intelligent thanks to IT. How it happens: - the latest systems integrate the achievements of mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and programming intelligence (IT). Intelligent mechatronic systems are such systems.


In addition, from the review of the needs of the modern international labor market, it is known that "Not narrow first-class specialists are particularly valued, but people with a wide range of skills at a sufficiently good level."


About the circle. The scientific group "Creation of mobile mechatronic systems" acts as a continuation of the educational course "Design of intelligent mechatronic systems" for practical training of the skills of creating mechatronic objects. The group was founded at the department of applied hydroaeromechanics and mechatronics in 2014.


How we work Students join teams to create the desired object. They work with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic components and controllers that are programmed to solve specific tasks. Modern design methodology is used in the development, which allows you to transform the required characteristics of the object into a real structure, the work of which is verified in practice.


Who is this group for? For students and schoolchildren who dream of becoming developers of the latest technical systems that combine modern IT and smart automation.



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