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On April, scientific reports of young scientists and students of the #PGM department were held with great success as part of the conference "INNOVATIONS OF YOUTH - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING" section "Applied hydroaeromechanics and mechatronics"

About 25 scientific reports were presented, which aroused interest and long discussions. Most of the reports were staged, but there was also a number of works that had corresponding experimental confirmations.

The most active speakers were students of the 3rd and 5th year. We would like to note the high level of speeches of such speakers as:

1. Bogdashevska V.O.
2. Bondar D.S.
3. Bondarenko R.M.
4. Vovk I.M.
5. Head P.O.
6. Dyakonova N.S.
7. Kokolenko A.O.
8. Kochina M.V.
9. Ligator A.
10. Mazurkevich K.
11. I.M. Okrenets
12. Pavlov V.I.
13. Pokovba I. V.
14. Solntsev O.V.
15. Rashevsky M.Yu.
16. Demyanenko E.S.
17. Khramenkov O.V.

Special attention and discussion was caused by the report of the 1st-year student V.E. Kryvosheev, who started his scientific work at the department while still a schoolboy in the 9th grade!

Many thanks to Koval Oleksiy Dmytrovych for organizing and holding the conference at the highest level!!!


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