Admission to the 5th year (master's degree)

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Program of complex professional test for admission to the educational program of master's degree "Automated and robotic mechanical systems" in the specialty 131 Applied Mechanics


If you want to continue your studies after obtaining a bachelor's degree, you can enter the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky" for the 1st year of master's degree. You will receive the next level of higher education - the master's level. Training at this educational level lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months, depending on the chosen program of study - educational-professional or educational-scientific. The educational-professional training program is the preparation of masters of a certain field of knowledge for further professional work, the educational-scientific training program is designed for further scientific work of the graduate of the master's degree.
If you are entering the master's program, you will need to take a single entrance exam in a foreign language in the form of an EIT, and for this - to register for the EIT from May 12 to June 5 (until 18.00) and July 1 to pass English, German, Spanish or French . This year, the only entrance exam in a foreign language must pass all entrants to the master's program KPI. Igor Sikorky without exception. The only entrance exam in a foreign language or simply an external examination in a foreign language for admission to a master's degree will be conducted according to the same program as for admission to the first year on the basis of general secondary education, except for "Written speech" and "Language comprehension by ear". . Applicants to the master's program will consist only of parts "Reading" and "Use of language". Last year's external evaluation results are not credited - if you passed last year, you must retake it.
KPI graduates named after Igor Sikorsky, who wish to enter the master's program and pass the EMI / EFVV, will be registered exclusively through the "Electronic Campus" system.
1. Log in to the "Electronic Campus" system, using your login and password (if you do not have a login and password - contact the group curator).
2. In the left menu, select the section Introduction 2020 (master's degree).
3. Read the information carefully, then select the "Questionnaire" tab.
4. Check the data that is automatically collected for you in the questionnaire - last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, passport data, taxpayer account card number. In case of discrepancies (name or surname changed, passport changed) - make the necessary corrections and check carefully again.
5. Choose the specialty in which you want to enroll in a master's degree. This is not the final choice, you will finally choose it when applying for the competition. Registration for passing the EMI is carried out once for each entrant. The results of the EMI are credited for admission to any specialty (except 081 Law, where you also need to pass the EPI)
6. Select the foreign language (English, French, German or Spanish) you want to compose.
7. Select the locality in which you want to make the EMI.
8. For entrants to the specialty 081 Law - choose a place to compile the EPI.
9. Enter a valid contact phone number.
10. Provide a valid email address for communication.
11. If necessary, provide information on the need to create special conditions (if for medical reasons you can not make EMI / EPI and your disease belongs to the List of diseases and pathological conditions that give the right not to make an external evaluation (joint order of MES and MOH № 1027/900 dated 29.08.2016) and codes of conditions (specified in the medical report on the form 086/3-o / u) Please note that in the case of such a medical report you will take an entrance exam in a foreign language on that The presence of the disease and a medical opinion does not exempt from passing the entrance examination in a foreign language.
12. The examination certificate can be obtained in person after the quarantine is completed by July 1 at the selection committee of your faculty / institute. If you wish to receive an examination sheet by mail (Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta), provide the necessary information (postal address in full with the index for Ukrposhta and the location and branch number for Nova Poshta). Sending is at the expense of the recipient.
13. Scan the identity document (passport of a citizen of Ukraine - book (1-2 pages) or ID-card (both parties), in case of absence - foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine (1-2 pages), perpetual certificate of permanent residence (all pages), save in one document in .jpeg format up to 1 MB in size and upload to the appropriate field of the questionnaire.
14. Scan the taxpayer's account card, save it in a .jpeg document up to 1 MB in size and upload it to the appropriate field of the questionnaire.
15. Scan the photo for documents (white / light background), save it in a .jpeg document up to 1 MB in size and upload it to the appropriate field of the questionnaire.
16. Carefully check the entered data and downloaded documents.
17. Click Save. Your application form will be sent to the person responsible for registration.
18. Watch for changes



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