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For the first time, the program of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad "Mechatronics in Mechanical Engineering" includes an open stage of competitive competitions based on a program similar to WORLDSKILLS.

The purpose of the competition: the development of innovative technologies and the application of European standards in the higher education system of Ukraine.

Organizers of the event: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI named after I. Sikorskyi", State Enterprise "Festo", NGO "WoldSkills Ukraine".

Participants of the open competition: teams (3 people, no older than 23 years old, one of whom is a substitute, and a leader) from technical educational institutions and other institutions whose activities are related to the field of "mechatronics". The competition invites students studying in various specialties that use mechanisms, machines or devices decorated with sensor systems, controlled by programmable controllers that include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical actuators.

Similar contests under the WORLDSKILLS program in the field of "mechatronics" are held at the international level every two years (Austria, Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, Finland, Switzerland and other countries). In Ukraine, similar competitions were held for the first time with the participation of 12 teams in 2009 under the program of the Olympiad "Mechanotronics in Mechanical Engineering".

Procedure: the open competition under the worldskills program is held in the form of team competitions, consisting of two rounds - qualifying and main. All teams compete under certain CODES, which they receive during the draw immediately before the start of each stage of the competition. All registered teams are admitted to the qualifying round of the competition. 10 teams with the highest score based on the results of the qualifying stage are admitted to the competitive round of the competition.

The selection round consists of 4 tasks, which are divided into two parts: 1) development and compilation of the control algorithm, 2) debugging the program and demonstration of the system.

All teams perform the same tasks, the results of which are entered in the registration forms of the qualifying round.

Based on the results of the qualifying round, the 10 best teams are determined, who choose victory in the main round of the competition.

The main round of the competition. The competition consists of 4 stages, the tasks of which are directed, for each team, to a specific object of automation. The duration of each stage is 1.5 hours. The break between tasks of the first, second and third stages is half an hour, and between the third and fourth stages - one hour.

During the main round, before the competition, the teams receive tasks by drawing lots, prepare the necessary equipment, develop solutions, draw schematic diagrams, draw up rules for operating the system, compile control algorithms for the STL language, configure the system and present its work to the jury within the specified time.

The winners of the competition are determined based on the results of the main round.

Generalized content of the tasks of the stages of the main competition:

Identification of station equipment and its correspondence to controller inputs/outputs.
Development of a control algorithm for automating a certain cycle of station operation.
Improvement of the control algorithm for operation of the station in the production process.
Modernization of the management algorithm and error correction.

The controllers are programmed in the STL language in the FST package.


Example task

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