Summer school

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"Mechatronics in mechanical engineering" - a step towards production systems with open architecture and distributed intelligence "Production 4.0"

Conducting a summer school, for a period of 1 week, from June 13 to 18, 2017, on the basis of the Applied Fluid Mechanics and Mechanotronics Department of NTUU "KPI".

Travel, accommodation and stay in Kyiv during the school are covered by the participants themselves.

Conducting school classes, including work in the department's laboratories and completion of final papers, is free for school participants.

The plan of the school provides:

5 working days for 8 hours;

final lesson 4 hours.

The approximate schedule of the working day includes:

1 hour of theoretical material;

1 hour of practical application of theoretical material;

1(2) hours of work at laboratory stands;

1 hour of work on a practical task;

3(2) hours of work at laboratory stands;

1 hour practical task, homework.

The content of school classes:

discrete pneumatic automation with pneumatic control;

discrete pneumatic automation with electric relay control;

discrete hydropneumatic automation with electric relay control;

automated system No. 1 with PLC control;

automated system No. 2 with PLC control;

independent performance of the assessment task.

Place of classes - building No. 1, auditorium. 300, aud 300a, aud. 120a, aud 126.


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